Best Fitness Watches For Traveling (that are coming out soon…)

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October 22, 2016
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Best Fitness Watches For Traveling (that are coming out soon…)

Smartwatches are among the latest consumer technology trends in modern times. These devices are personalized effects that people wear for more than just keeping track of time. They are primarily used to help people stay in shape – even while they are traveling or on the road.

People also use them for listening to music and even for watching videos. The following material will highlight some of the best fitness watches that will be entering into the market late in 2016 or in 2017, aside from the applewatchsport. Here is a preview of those brands.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung has been a leader in the fitness watch market since these devices first hit store shelves. Their latest time piece in the fitness market is known as the Gear S3. This unit has a super AMOLED screen that never turns off.

The S3 is also loaded with features such as sensors, with GPS, altimeter, barometer and speedometer. Users will also have the benefit of an added heart rate sensor. Samsung has not released all of the details about this watch but it is expected to hit store shelves by late November or as late as 2017.


Block watches are made from polycarbonate which is an extremely durable and tough material. The unit uses Android Marshmallow to power its apps. Users also have a 1.4-inch display that is covered with AMOLED glass. Blocks apps and features are geared toward fitness and this watch expected to hit store shelves in December of 2016.

HTC/Under Armour

Tech giant HTC and fitness equipment and apparel titan, Under Armour, have partnered up to create the HTC smartwatch. This unit is known as the HTC One Watch and it supposedly has a lot to offer consumers in terms of function, features and health benefits. However, the developers of this watch are disclosing a lot of information about what it can do. No one knows for sure when this fitness watch will hit the market.

Other smartwatch brands such as the Xiaomi smartwatch, New Balance Android Wear or the Asus ZenWatch 3 are new fitness watch models that are expected to hit the market in late 2016 and beyond. Keep your eyes out for these new fitness watches brands because many of them should be in the market by 2017.

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